Strategic Portfolio Management by Experienced Professionals


Unlike typical "plug-in" Wealth Management programs for high net worth individuals and entities, PAS individually structures sophisticated investment Portfolios which dovetail with the overall holdings and specific Portfolio and Asset Management considerations of the client. Consequently, the Investment Portfolio is designed to complement the client's individual concerns, and appropriately diversify the client's overall financial circumstances.

Management of PAS portfolios focuses on the identification and continual improvement of an individually designed composite used to identify stocks within selected sectors that are anticipated to provide desired returns in terms of growth and income. Gradual changes may be introduced to the composite to incorporate momentum factors and maintain appropriate weighting to current growth sectors as well as new technologies. While value is a consideration, our high net worth investors also benefit from appropriate participation in current and emerging trends to increase overall returns. Leveraging techniques appropriate for high net worth investors, such as the use of covered and uncovered options, may be employed. Fixed income instruments may be used for income or to capture growth opportunities evolving from interest rate fluctuations and other market factors.

The PAS Portfolio Management process involves the preparation of an Investment Policy Statement which identifies the clients' broad goals and investment parameters. Consistent with our exceptional degree of personal service to our clients, the portfolios are individually adjusted to maintain compatibility with lifestyle choices and changes, and to strive for appropriate diversification.

Clients receive monthly statements from the custodial brokerage firm and contemporaneous transaction slips for all trading. In addition, PAS provides on a quarterly basis a summary of holdings and performance together with various investment reports.