Systematic Approaches in Financial Management

PAS, Inc is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in creating and managing individually designed investment portfolios.
We plan sophisticated strategies to attain specific financial goals and maximize wealth for our clients.

Who We Are

We are a New York corporation formed to provide investment advisory and portfolio management services. Our Certified Financial Planning license is recognized worldwide. We are also equipped with state-of-the-art portfolio management software and direct market connections.

Our management center and executive offices are located in Westbury, NY. We have branch offices in South Florida and New Jersey as well. PAS, Inc represents clients from coast to coast.

Our Mission

We create sophisticated strategies to maximize wealth and attain specific financial goals for each client. Using our Collaborative Wealth Management approach, we serve as your financial manager to coordinate on your behalf the expertise of professionals in related fields.

PAS, Inc develops cutting-edge, individually managed investment portfolios designed to enhance cash flow, spur financial growth, reduce taxes, and accomplish retirement/lifestyle and estate planning goals.

Who We Serve

Our clients include men+women, noted business owners, professional individuals,widows and divorcees families. We also handle trusts and estates of significant value, which are frequently referred to us by prominent attorneys, trust officers, and certified public accountants (CPAs).

What We Handle

We incorporate strategies culled from experts in related disciplines into our clients' investment portfolios. These are used to effectively address a variety of areas.

Tax Reduction

We devise tax reduction plans that are tailored to each client’s overall circumstances, including non-managed assets. For example, the investment portfolio design may sometimes be used as an offset to the specific tax implications of a client's business interests or the sale of real property.

Account Titling and Division of Assets

Through the investment portfolio, we help with account titling and division of assets among accounts so there is consistency with a client's specific estate planning and other needs. This allows for the proper implementation of the technical instructions of estate planning or Family Law counsel. This process is essential to ensure that legal planning comes to fruition as intended.

Portfolio Allocations

We structure the investment portfolio allocations to meet individual time horizons for cash flow and projected lifestyle changes. This also takes into account non-managed assets such as business interests, unusual real estate, personal property, and more.

Trust Strategies

We make investment portfolio arrangements that are consistent with trust strategies to protect assets and meet the individual needs of beneficiaries. This also incorporates unique considerations that affect a client's financial strategy, such as business succession planning, unusual family relationships, and more.

Portfolio Management Process

PAS, Inc is not a broker or a dealer. We receive no fees or commissions on the trading of securities or the sale of any investment products. Our comprehensive financial planning services are provided on a flat-fee basis.

To add to that, our portfolio management fees are calculated as a percentage of assets under management, taking into consideration the services required and the participation of other advisors and agents.

Funds for portfolio management and alternative investments are accepted only on a full discretion basis and are maintained in individual accounts with custodial or clearing firms. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are able to eliminate brokerage commissions and separate transaction fees on client accounts and offer an all-inclusive management fee arrangement.

In addition to obtaining sophisticated, state-of-the-art execution from our custodial or clearing firms, we also negotiate for our clients to receive significant account advantages. These include institutional money market rates and margin rates, the elimination of mark-ups on bonds and other fixed income securities, and the removal of sales charges on thousands of mutual funds.

Our clearing firms also afford us access to cutting-edge research materials that supplement our own direct research and service subscriptions. This includes industry leaders such as Value Line, Morningstar, and Advent, among many others.

For added security, we maintain our own E&O Insurance coverage. Our company also requires that all custodial firms with whom we place accounts in be appropriately insured.

Members of the Financial Team

As your financial manager, PAS, Inc will apply innovative techniques to create and manage your investment portfolio. We will also assist you in identifying your financial goals and, based upon those goals, choose professionals to augment your financial team.

CPA or Tax Professional

A CPA or any tax professional is an important member of every financial team. PAS, Inc reviews tax balancing for every portfolio in the fourth quarter of each year to minimize tax consequences.

We may also confer with your tax advisor on a regular basis to explore opportunities where you can use your investments to offset or balance other tax issues such as business income and the purchase or sale of real or personal property.

Trust/Estate Planning Attorney

While a simple will may suffice for some clients, many affluent individuals and families derive substantial benefit from sophisticated estate and trust planning techniques employed by a legal specialist.

PAS, Inc will work directly with you and your own attorney or assist you to find one who meets your needs. PAS, Inc will help ensure that your financial goals and considerations are fully addressed in your trust and estate planning. We also make sure that any technical requirements of the plan are in place as directed by counsel.

Family Law Attorney

Input from a Family Law Attorney may be important when spouses have different heirs. Their assistance can protect the interests of married children who may contemplate divorce. They are also helpful when there are financial obligations from prior marriages as well as when spouses bring different levels of wealth to a new marriage. These are just some of the things family law attorneys are equipped to handle.

Insurance Professionals

PAS, Inc will make an initial analysis of a client's basic insurance needs. Depending on the circumstances, this may include:

  • Auto
  • Casualty
  • Health
  • Disability
  • Life
  • Long Term Care
  • Property

We will collaborate with your insurance professional or the one we have to implement necessary coverage in a cost-effective manner. When appropriate, we will also work with them to implement complex insurance planning, such as business continuation, estate liquidity, and other special needs.

Other Professionals

PAS, Inc will work with mortgage or lending experts, senior care specialists, education funding experts, and more should the need arise. That is why you can rely on us to cover almost every aspect of your financial plans.

Your Personal Financial Manager

PAS, Inc’s professionals, together with your CPA, estate planning attorney, insurance representative, and other experts, will work with you to develop a customized investment portfolio that addresses your unique goals and outlook. We can either work with the experts whom you already have an established relationship with or assist you in finding qualified and competent professionals to meet your needs.

All of this is possible with our Collaborative Wealth Management System. It is more sophisticated and individualized than money management programs offered by brokerage firms and traditional private asset managers.

If you want the exceptional benefits of having a personal financial manager, we welcome the opportunity to explain our program to you. Simply reach out to us today.

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